Mission Statement: The 1910 Expedition

"Make Kodak your family historian," reads the ad copy in the December 3, 1910 issue of Saturday Evening Post.

They did their job. Now it's our turn. Much of Montana's history has been preserved in family photo albums around the state. These photographs need attention now if they are to survive. 
1. To involve the public in preserving and organizing our photographic heritage: Much of the documentary history of Montana exists in private ownership, in the form of family photo albums. Many photographs from the circa 1910 era are now in need of preservation efforts if they are to survive. This work can best be done by providing opportunities for families to learn how to preserve and duplicate their photographic treasures.

2. To increase the resolution of the historical record: As we add the stories and documents of the lives of individual Montanans to the historical record, the picture we see becomes more clear and detailed. Nuances and subtleties that may not yet be visible to historians will come into view.

3. To increase public access to historical materials: In creating a virtual expedition to 1910 on the internet, we will digitize and put online a wealth of historical materials to make this time period accessible to all who are interested.

4. To encourage and support young people in learning the historian's craft: By providing an opportunity to make a genuine contribution to the gathering and writing of Montana's history, along with training and recognition both for teachers and students, we will introduce secondary students to the methods and the pleasures of historical research.

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