Winter 2001
Documenting, Interpreting and Presenting Montana's Cultural and Natural Heritage



The Swan River Nature Trail
Easton Branam, Bigfork High School
"Immediately after I passed the first gate, the air changed, cooled by the trees and muddy gravel. I was late, but despite my speed I was awed at every bend in the road. My weary body was renewed with the sight of fragrant honeysuckle vines, young wildflowers, and sunlit stretches of the river."

The Pow-Wow Trail
Gail Grant, Ronan High School
"The air is dusty and you stand in the hot sun, closing your eyes for a moment, dizzied with the feeling that’s indescribable. Your heart begins to race and you get that urge to do everything at once. It’s at this moment you realize this is where you belong."

A Ghost Town: Gold Butte, Montana
Julia Dafoe & Megan Maki, Chester High School
"But memories linger, haunting the ghost town of Gold Butte in the Sweetgrass Hills. Only a few old-timers who were alive to experience Gold Butte still survive to tell us how it was."


Expectations—Cause or Effect
Dorothea Susag, Simms High School
"Even though our standards are very high, we still find that the Heritage Project has a way of firing up the imagination of some students, leading to efforts that go beyond our expectations."

Changing Lives, Changing the World
Rose Goyen, Libby High School
" This approach to teaching has the power to change lives–both of teachers and of students. And in doing that, it has the power to change the world."

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