People Issue

ELLIOTT WEST -- Family: The Connective Tissue in Western History

Historian Elliott West shows how one can study Western history through family history. He describes how families implicate us in the world of real people who have come and gone.

EASTON BRANAM -- Faith, Hard Work, and Spirit:
Getting to Know my Great-Grandmother

A Bigfork High School student writes about her great-grandmother, and in the process learns that perhaps she is a little bit like this ancestor she has never met.

RISA BJORK -- Persisting in Place:
Youth and Memory at Swan Lake

A Bigfork High School student tells about Elmer, an old friend whose life connects with her own through shared experiences.

SAMANTHA GLOVER -- Another Lifetime to Share

Samantha writes of the special connection she has with her grandmother.

PEARL JABES WICKS -- Life Sketch of Carrie Jabes

Pearl Wicks took an adult education writing class in Chester and as a result wrote this nice sketch of her mother and Montana homestead life.

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