Spring 1999
Documenting, Preserving and Presenting Our Cultural Heritage

Journeys: In Search of Place

The World Outside the Window
Annemarie Kanenwisher,
Corvallis High School
    One Heritage Project teacher shares the journey she and her students began at the beginning of the year and how it lead them to a greater appreciaton and understanding of their community.

Creating Student Connections to Community
Tim Schaff, Roundup High School
One teacher reflects on the rewards of teaching methods which include not only reading assignements, but also efforts to connect young people with community elders.

Journeying to America
Phil Leonardi, Corvallis High School
"How do the sacrifices made by people today compare with those of the past? Are we as resolute in our dreams and goals as our parents or grandparents? My family helped me answer these questions. My Grandmother's family had a dream to come to America from Italy in 1913."

Trips and Turns --  In Place
Dorethea Susag, Simms High School
" many of the students experienced a time--in a place--where they were turned, where the academic, the social, and the very personal and emotional merge. "

Lewis and Clark's Journey and the ALERT Process
Michael Umphrey Director, Montana Heritage Project
"Doctors say a person is "alert" when he is fully awake, fully tuned in to his environment. An alert person knows who he is, where he is, when he is, and what is happening around him. As students study local history, natural history, and folklife by moving through the five stages of the ALERT process, they find themselves awakening more and more to who they are, where they are, when they are, and what is happening around them."

Leaving Home and Looking Back
Jesse Bloom, Former Corvallis High School Heritage Project Student
"Sooner or later, most young people leave Montana, at least for a while, and it's on those journeys through other places that we start to appreciate the special place we call home."

Our School
Lacey Sandstrom, Roundup High School Heritage Project Student

The Farm
Josie Wojahn, Roundup High School Heritage Project Student

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