Summer, 1999

Student Essays of Place
Young Montanans Reflect on the Personal Meaning of Place
Teacher Suggestions

BIGFORK HIGH SCHOOL Teacher: Mary Sullivan

Ashley Ascione - Flathead County Fairgrounds
    A realization of how one place and the events that occur there connect a community and allow its members something to look forward to as well as a chance to remember the past.

Bill Brandewie - My Feet Planted Deep
     A fifth generation resident of the Swan River Valley explains the significance of his grandfather's land and the traditions tied to it.

Sam Glover - The Land
    The author shares events that made this place special and memorable for her.

Megan Johnson - The Cliffs
   A place that recalls memories of family time and buried courage.

Paul Sullivan - Forts Under Construction
    The author describes a place where children play and grow, where they emulate, and eventually begin to become, adults.

teacher Renee Rasmussen

Todd Alisch - Morning Decoys
    The author provides us with a picture of his meaningful activity which has the power to both calm and excite.

Kendra Matkin - Pugsley Home Bottom
    The author takes a close look at the place she has grown up and shows why it deserves to be called home.

Megan Mattson - Where I Learned What It Meant
        One girl discovers how one of her favorite places to play as a child is more than just a playground; it is central to her family's past as well as their future.

Katie Swank - The Flood
    The discovery of the power of a place that was always known.

Kali Wicks - My Own Monster
    As the author grows she begins to realize the place she has always known has meaning not only for her; it has a much larger significance.

LIBBY HIGH SCHOOL teacher Rose Goyen

Mitch James - The Rock
    A description of one person's quiet sanctuary.

Kara Kendall - The Camping Spot
    A daughter remembers the first time her father shared with her his special place.

Andy Morain - The Pond
    The author explains the impact of one close-to-home place through the seasons and the years.

Ashlee Reed - Nature's Way
    An exploration of the Kootenai River's power and beauty, its ability both to comfort and to teach.

teacher Dorothea Susag

Tara Clark - Hallway of Memories
    A student ponders the changes one place has witnessed over time.

Scott Warnick - Marias River Massacre Site
    Reflections on  the emotional, human reactions that could have occurred in this historical place.

teacher Sarah Reeve

Angela Hawkaluk- The Forty
    A description of the important role one section of land plays in the lives of the members of one particular family.  

Rebecca Umphrey- The Stump Ranch
    The author recounts the significance of one family's special place and the traditions that  surround it.

Samantha Wodsworth - The Adventure of Wondering
    Reminiscences about childhood, experimentation, and imagination

teacher Valerie Umphrey

Ben Lipscomb - Lucifer Lake

Levi Morgeau - Ferry Basin

Amanda Rice - The Old Cottonwood Tree

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