Writers Guidelines

email stories to katherine@edheritage.org

Payment Rates

Teachers are invited to submit essays for consideration for Heritage Education magazine, the edheritage website, or for books of teaching guidelines. Articles should be from 500-2500 words, written in a personal, first-person voice. Virtually any topic that might be interesting or useful to another teacher considering projects with a local focus will be considered, including thoughts on such general topics as incorporating heritage education into various disciplines, handling assessment, etc.

We are especially looking for articles that deal with specific topics within the ALERT framework or the 5 Steps toward Education-Centered Communities. This might include such topics as these:

Asking Broad Questions

"Getting a Heritage Project Started"

"Uses of Essential Questions, Unit Questions, and Guiding Questions"

Researching Local History

"How to Organize Student Teams and Get Them Working Together"

"Finding and Preserving Hidden Treasures in the Community"

"Using Historical Fiction to Prepare Students for Local Research"

Documenting the Present

"Descriptions of Specific Projects"

"Collaborations with Other Agencies"

Creating Final Products

"Getting From Knowledge to Understanding"

"Encouraging a Service Ethic Among Students"

"Staging A Community Open House"

"Creating an Online Community Archives"

"Creating a Historical Pageant"

"Publishing and Selling Community Histories"

Teaching Moments

"Teaching Moments" can be anywhere from one paragraph to 1000 words. They should describe one of those moments of insight, when a student or parent says something, or an activity occurs, that build the faith and sustain the commitment of teachers trying to connect their classes with their communities. They should be written in first-person.




Publishing Rates

Lead history article - $400 (over 2000 words use .20/word)

Pedagogy or cultural journalism - $200 (over 1000 words, use .20/word)

for above: $100 kill fee

Student essay: $100 (500 - 1000 words)

Book Reviews: $50 plus the book

Student Photograph: $50

How to read a photograph: $50 Or - roughly .15 or .20 a word

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