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Autumn 2004
Table of Contents
Complete issue (pdf)

History is made by everyone
Librarian of Congress James Billington speaks
at the Youth Heritage Festival

Ronan students earn trip to Washington, D.C.
Mission Valley research project presented to James
Billington for archiving in the Library of Congress

End of the line?
Teachers explore small town questions during tenth
annual Summer Teacher Institute

2003–2004 Site Summaries (html), (pdf)


Spring 2004
Table of Contents
Complete issue (pdf)

Exploring Deep Time
Building knowledge, step by step (pdf)

Prehistory timeline (2.2MB)
Printable prehistory timeline (pdf)

The Old North Trail
America's earliest highway (pdf)

Making something wonderful
Turning the classroom into a publishing company through on-demand publishing (pdf)

Stage presents
A student guide to giving public programs (pdf)


Winter 2003
Table of Contents

Complete issue (pdf)

A Gift of Stories
A student's guide to doing oral histories for the Montana Veterans' History Project (pdf)

Rediscovering Montana: The Expedition to 1910
Students have spent two years discovering, and rediscovering, Montana in 1910. (pdf)

Become a Heritage Project Affiliate
Grants are available for new affiliate schools.


Autumn 2003
Table of Contents (html)
Complete issue (pdf)

Project Histories for 2002-03 (pdf), (html)
How to get involved in the Heritage Project


Autumn 2002
Every Student Can Contribute by Asking Important Questions speech by Linda McCulloch, Superintendent of Public Instruction
Teaching for Understanding: Beginning with Essential Questions by Michael L. Umphrey
Project Histories for 2001-02


Autumn 2001  
Governor's Award for 
Distinguished Educational Leadership
Address by Governor Judy Martz
Veterans History Project
"Things Are Looking Up" by Christa Umphrey
Project Histories for 2000-01


Winter 2001
"The Swan River Nature Trail"
by Easton Branam
(Bigfork High School)
"The Pow-Wow Trail" by Gail Grant
(Ronan High School)
"A Ghost Town: Gold Butte, Montana by Julia Dafoe and Megan Maki
(Chester High School)
"Expectations—Cause or Effect"
by Dorothea Susag
(Simms High School)
"Changing Lives, Changing the World" by Rose Goyen
(Libby High School)


Winter 2000
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Autumn 1999: Essays of Place
1998-99 Site Histories

1998-99 Site Histories
1998-99 Site Histories

U. S. Secretary of Education
Richard Riley's remarks at Montana Heritage Project Teacher Institute
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Spring 1999: Journeys
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Winter 1999:  Celebrations


 Winter 1998


Autumn 1998: 1997-98 Site Histories
Autumn 1998:  People
featuring Elliott West
 "Family: The Connective Tissue in Western History"



Summer 1998: Special Essay of Place Issue!
cover.JPG (21635 bytes) Summer 1997

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