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Historical Research

Jerks in Montana History: John Geiger, by Amanda Shotzberger (Libby High School)

Essays of Place

BIGFORK HIGH SCHOOL teacher Mary Sullivan

Ashley Ascione - Flathead County Fairgrounds
A realization of how one place and the events that occur there connect a community and allow its members something to look forward to as well as a chance to remember the past.

Bill Brandewie - My Feet Planted Deep
A fifth generation resident of the Swan River Valley explains the significance of his grandfather's land and the traditions tied to it.

Sam Glover - The Land
The author shares events that made this place special and memorable for her.

Megan Johnson - The Cliffs
A place that recalls memories of family time and buried courage.

Paul Sullivan - Forts Under Construction
The author describes a place where children play and grow, where they emulate, and eventually begin to become, adults.

CHESTER HIGH SCHOOL teacher Renee Rasmussen

Todd Alisch - Morning Decoys
The author provides us with a picture of his meaningful activity which has the power to both calm and excite.

Kendra Matkin - Pugsley Home Bottom
The author takes a close look at the place she has grown up and shows why it deserves to be called home.

Megan Mattson - Where I Learned What It Meant
One girl discovers how one of her favorite places to play as a child is more than just a playground; it is central to her family's past as well as their future.

Katie Swank - The Flood
The discovery of the power of a place that was always known.

Kali Wicks - My Own Monster
As the author grows she begins to realize the place she has always known has meaning not only for her; it has a much larger significance.

SIMMS HIGH SCHOOL teacher Dorothea Susag

Tara Clark - Hallway of Memories
A student ponders the changes one place has witnessed over time.

Scott Warnick - Marias River Massacre Site
Reflections on  the emotional, human reactions that could have occurred in this historical place.

Oral Histories


Ben Adams, interview by Patrick Wendler
Eugene Mark Felsman, interview by Kristan Neilsen and Katrina Potter
Richard Folsom, interview by Yetta Folsom, writing by Beverly Powell and Tasha Lawson
Bill Griffin, interview by Chelsea Dullinger
Daniel Hall, interview by Tiffany Shepard and Chris Larson
Lloyd Irvine, interview by Catherine Jackson and Corinna Morigeau
Dan Jackson, interview by Andrew Jackson
Pete Jensen, interview by Jessica Bisson and Kristan Nielson
Thomas Lankford, interview by Andy Samsel
Mike Lee, interviewed Joel Diaz and Kyle Moderie
Sharon Lee, interviewed Jennica Joscum
David Lockwood, interview by Justin Olson and Chris Bays
Alan Mann, interview by Tiffany Shepard
Camille "Sonny" Matt, interview by Catherine Jackson and Corinna Morigeau, writing by Catherine Taylor, Corinna Taylor, and Laura Taylor
Gene Mays, interview by Jamie Dickson and Dan Mays
Jacques Morigeau, interview by Corinna Morigeau, Catherine Jackson, Marcus Hackman
Frenchy Peidalue, interview by Chris Larson& Jessica Pierre
Steve Reum, interview by Erika Reum and Nikki Fleck
Bill Rogers, interview by Justin Olson and Chris Bays
Phil Schmitz, interview by John Wills
Roger Shourd, interview by Michael Blixt and Justin Wieshaar
Harold Spittler, interview by Katrina Potter and Kovin Maughan
Bob Starkel, interview by Derrick Mikesell and Brenton Green
Rick Sternjacob, interview by Mercie Lee
Ralph Smith, interview by Joelle Smith and Caroline Lozeau
Tim Taylor, interview by Chris Bays and Justin Olson
Don Wood, interview by Joelle Smith

Book Reviews

Book Reviews by High School Students

Reviews by Ronan High School Students

Gold Camp by Larry Barness, reviewed by William Foust
Indian Creek Chronicles by Pete Fromm, reviewed by Cameron Kuntz
The Death of Jim Loney by James Welch, reviewed by Aaron Skogen


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