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Essential Questions

5 Steps to a Community-Centered School

Community-centered education helps meet writing standards

Community-centered teaching supports research-based "best practices"

Get Smart: practice the habits that make you intelligent

TeacherLore: writing by teachers

Examples of student writing

Forms and Rubrics

Local research projects completed since 1995


Resources for Teachers

Resources for teaching oral history

A Student Guide to Doing Oral History

Oral History In the Classroom

A Note About Oral History Equipment

How to Get Ready to be Interviewed (for interview subjects)

Data Sheet (html) for World War II Interview Subject

Data Sheet (pdf) for World War II Interview Subject

Release Form (html format)

Release Form (pdf format)

Tape Index (pdf format) for recording major topics and their location on an audio tape

Oral History Links

The ALERT research process

Heritage Education Blog | Using the ALERT processes in learning expeditions

ALERT: Learning as a Narrative Process | the secret to getting the power of stories into teaching and learning is as simple as doing projects which transform the classroom into the stage for a quest

Using the ALERT Research Process to plan a local learning expedition

Learning As Story: Understanding the ALERT process by looking at the Lewis and Clark Expedition's approach to learning.

The ALERT web is a tool for brainstorming what the next step might be next at any stage in a research project

ALERT: Student Planning Sheet (pdf)

ALERT: Teacher Unit Plan Sheet (pdf)

Learning Expeditions and Teaching Units

Expedition to 1910

Webquest: A Visit to 1910

Veterans History Project | How did the sixties change America?

Writing the Essay of Place (interactive unit for students)

Writing the Essay of Place (teacher guide)

Wolves in the American West