Come with us. . .
   visit that most exotic of places: the past.

Images from 1910

Visit the dusty roads, the mining camps, the railroad towns, the raw new cities, the homesteads, the businesses, the churches, the firefighting camps, and the cattle drives of Montana in 1910.

It was a pivotal period in world history. Times were changing. Things were getting better and things were getting worse. People worked to make new places for themselves or to keep places they knew.

It was a time much different from today. It was a time very similar to today.

Profound political questions were open for discussion, filling some people with excitement and others with dread. Should America be socialist or capitalist? Should the government take responsibility for the social welfare of citizens? Should women vote and be full participants in civic processes? Should the government be involved in environmental regulation and conservation of natural resources?

And it wasn't just government that was changing. Telephones, cars, airplanes and electricity were rapidly shifting from novelties into the foundation of a new way of life. The industrial age was changing communications, entertainment, and travel.

Help us understand that place and time better by doing research into your family or neighborhood. You can contribute essays, photo essays or primary documents about any topic: the coming of telephones, the relationships between men and women, life at school, the magazines that were being read, the activities people pursued for recreation, the sermons that were being preached, a description of a trip to the dentist, or an analysis of the condition of roads in your county.

What businesses were thriving on main street? How did a livery stable function? What was the interior layout of the buildings like? What activities generated income? What music were people listening to and where? What were the rules of baseball? What leagues existed?

And always: do photographs exist?

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