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Folkways, norms, and laws
     Ordering Society

Ronald Bolender:

William Graham Sumner Classified Norms into 3 Major Types:

a) Folkways - are relatively weak norms which are only mildly enforced in a society. (not against the law)

Example of Folkways

1. Correct manners.

2. Appropriate dress.

3. Proper eating behavior.

b) Mores - are the strong and important norms of a society. Violation of mores will evoke severe punishment. (against the law most of the time.)

Example of Mores

1. Bigamy

2. Incest

3. Cannibalism

c) Laws - are norms which are designed, maintained and enforced by the political authority of a society.

Examples of Violations of Laws

1. Speeding

2, Cheating on Income Tax

3. Murder

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