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Ways to Use Blogs
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The Chronicle of Higher Ed has an article about the scholarly use of blogs, noting that these “scholars tackle serious questions in a loose-limbed, vernacular mode.”

The University of Minnesota has a good summary of ways to use blogs. A few that fit my temperament:

Encourage students to create their own blogs, and create assignments that give students the option to use their blogs as the mechanism for completing those assignments. Seton Hill University is already using blogs in this way.

Use UThink to track areas of research interest, web sites about a particular topic, or happenings in a particular field.

Use UThink blogs as a research tool. The more people we have logging in and posting opinions, the richer the search results will become.

Create a UThink blog for any student organization, club, or group you might belong to and easily keep other students up to date on your group’s activities, events, or views on a particular topic.

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