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Teachers and community members can help young community members explore and contribute to their cultural heritage by arranging learning expeditions that include the ALERT processes.

The Heritage Project is an educational initiative that began as a partnership between the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress, the Montana Historical Society, and the Montana Office of Public Instruction. Teachers work with these cultural agencies and with their communities to conduct learning expeditions that explore large and enduring questions through the medium of local knowledge.

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ALERT Processes

Ask  Listen  Explore  Reflect  Teach

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Asking questions in the classroom

Checklist for teachers to observe their own questioning practices

____Asks student to support answer with evidence or argument

____Asks student to specify criteria when expressing judgments

____Asks questions that go beyond facts

____Asks questions that stimulate reflection beyond the class itself

____Asks questions which focus on a particular relevant aspect of the matter at hand

____Asks related questions in a series

____Asks questions which require recall of information

____Asks questions which require processing of information:

____Grouping and classification

____Compare and contrast

____Specify cause and effect or other relationship


____Asks questions with more than one right answer

____Asks student to apply information from reading or lecture

____Asks questions which require students to generalize

____To make inferences

____To evaluate

____Asks questions on matters of opinion, where any answer is right

____Asks questions which encourage hypotheses about the unknown or untested

____Asks questions that relate to the experience of the student

____Asks a variety of questions for different pedagogical purposes:


____Practice (drill)

____Self-awareness (student to realize he isn’t getting it)


____Variety, change of pace in classroom


From “Looking for Good Teaching:  A Guide to Peer Observation,” by B. B. Helling, 1976, Danforth Faculty Fellowship Project Report, St. Olaf College, Northfield, MN.  (ERIC Document Reproduction Service No. ED 186 380).

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