". . .What we have loved
Others will love, and we will show them how."

                                              William Wordsworth

Podcasting and Place

Podcasting makes it possible for anyone with a tape recorder, a computer, and a website to run a radio “station.” It also makes it easy for listerers to listen to what they want to listen to while they’re driving, rather than putting up with commercials and DJ banter. So far, the selection for people living in places such as Montana has not been great, but that will change. My IPOD failed last week, and I was distraught at having to drive all the way from Helena with nothing but a radio to listen to.

New West announced today they they have partnered with the Billings non-profit organization MusEco to bring two podcasts to their website. They’ll be posting the weekly Montana Muse program and the monthly Waste Not Want Not: Conserving the Last Best Place. People will be able to listen to them at their computers or download them to listen to on an MP3 player.  Both shows are currently broadcast on Yellowstone Public Radio (which I can’t get where I live).

I’m particularly interested in Montana Muse, hosted by Scott Prinzing. This hour-long features music and entertainment by Montana artists. I hope they make time for a few readings by Montana poets. Waste Not Want Not, hosted by Kris Princing, focuses on environmental issues in Montana and Wyoming.

Links to the podcasts will be posted on the ”Intelligencer” sections New West, on the left-hand column of the Bozeman and Missoula pages.

I’m quite excited about the possibilities of turning some of those oral histories students have collected into 15 minute “radio documentaries” that can be placed on websites where they can be heard by anyone at any time. These new tools make developing robust local cultures both possible and important.

Posted by Michael L Umphrey on 11/14 at 04:34 PM

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