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Others will love, and we will show them how."

                                                          William Wordsworth

Guha Shankar--Fieldwork as Teaching

Guha Shankar develops community- and place-based education programs for the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress. He works with partner programs in Arizona, Utah, and Montana and has conducted many workshops in ethnographic research methods and skills-based training in field documentation in institutions across the US.

Guha also coordinates the Center’s digital imaging program, aimed at enhancing the Library’s national and international educational and research mission.  He is also responsible for helping to develop and produce the Center’s produce public education programs including exhibitions, concerts, symposia, and seminars. Shankar has published articles on his research interests, including cultural politics and performance in the Caribbean and developments in the field of ethnographic film.  He has produced and edited films on material cultural traditions and community life in a variety of cultural contexts. Shankar earned his Ph.D. in 2003 from the University of Texas -Austin’s Department of Anthropology, with a concentration in Folklore and Public Culture. Prior to undertaking graduate studies at the University, Shankar was Media Production Specialist and documentary film producer at the Smithsonian Institution’s Center for Folklife Programs, Washington, DC (1985-1993).

In his presentation for our place-based teaching conference “Beyond the Text: Fieldwork as Education,” we’ve asked Guha to be a folklorist--to explain how folklorists understand place and how they study the communities and individuals that inhabit places.

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