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                                       ". . .What we have loved
Others will love, and we will show them how."

                                                          William Wordsworth

Mark Gibbons - Places and Their Poetry

Connemara Moonshine, Mark Gibbons’ first full-length collection, was published by Camphorweed Press in 2002. His earlier collection of poems, Circling Home, won the Scattered Cairns Press chapbook contest. His first collection of poems, published in 1995, was entitled Something Inside Us. His poems have appeared in CutBank, Talking River Review, The Midwest Quarterly, The Comstock Review and Rattle.

He writes powerful poems, speaking in a voice that is not afraid of what matters. He talks about what we need to talk about, and it becomes more real and more important by being said. Mark values his deep Butte roots. He’s written poetry about Butte and enjoys the friendship of other Butte poets. After Monday evening’s dinner, Mark will read us poetry that both records and defines Butte’s distinctive character.

Mark is a poet in the schools with the Missoula Writing Collaborative in Missoula, where he lives with his wife and two sons. He’s a skilled teacher, and he has served as an “artist-in-residence” for Montana Heritage Project teachers--helping young writers craft poems of place.

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