Meeting Locations

Most sessions during our Summer Conference on Place-Based Teaching will be held on the campus of Montana Tech-The University of Montana in Butte.  We’ll be in meeting rooms in the Student Union and in the Auditorium. Rooms are spacious; we can head outside into the sunshine during breaks and enjoy the landscape we are considering.

Montana Tech opened its doors to students in 1900 as the Montana State School of Mines--a critical component of Butte’s full blown mining and smelting production. During World War II, Tech became an official Naval College, training more than 800 Navy and Marine officers. After the War and as the mining industry evolved, a “reconversion” committee began the process of broadening Tech’s mission and curriculum options. Currently 2,100 students attend Tech. The campus, with its mix of historic and contemporary buildings, overlooks Butte’s historic uptown and mines and its more recent development in “the Flats”

Tuesday evening’s banquet will be held at Butte’s Red Lion Hotel.

Posted by Michael L Umphrey on 11/13 at 12:58 AM
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