New West is the Same Old

New West, the most interesting journalistic venture in Montana, is featured in Online Journalism Review. Mark Glaser wonders whether the online publication can become profitable given its liberal tone in a geographic region that “votes solidly GOP.”

I look at the site regularly and quite often find something I’m glad to read.

But rarely do I find anything that seems important. But then, I live by choice in a town of about 800 people on an Indian Reservation, where talk about bike paths, expensive coffee, new music albums, and other issues in the lifestyle of the New West don’t resonate much. The New West seems a very old place indeed.

I live with a beautiful wife in a garden I planted myself where I am visited often by thirteen grandchildren. On my computer I find the complete works of Yeats, the histories of Thucydides, news reports from Iraq and Jerusalem, and MP3 recordings of scriptures. I read in the Missoulian that Montana is the fourth worst state in the union in terms of teen deaths from accidents, murder, and suicide, and the expert notes that this is bad for economic development, because businesses won’t want to relocate here.

There’s an important story there, but I don’t expect to read it in the old media, including the online stuff.

Posted by Michael L Umphrey on 11/14 at 12:45 AM
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