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Thursday, January 20, 2005

05-01-21 Conference Call

So let’s try 10:00 AM. I need to be on the road by 11:25, so it can’t go on too long.

These are the things on my mind:

1. Recruitment of Affiliates

I think not having a healthy set of applicants might be a bit troubling to our funders. Since we’ve only heard from three sites, I’m wondering what we might do to

On the first issue, I wonder about asking for oral history projects, without limiting it to a topic ("Veterans") or expedition ("Sixties"). I get the sense sometimes that our presentation seems too narraow with too many guidelines. The rationale for a tighter focus was so that we could provide materials but that seems a stretch for us. This wouldn’t be a dramatic change, since our summer institute was already pointing that way.

On the second issue, I wonder if there’s a news peg we could invent to get a story in the dailies over the next 2-3 weeks. What about announcing our Librarian of the Year Award at the WSC and pumping it up as big as we can, stressing the collection of local culture as the reason for the notice? We could call it the Tom Cook Award, which might help.

I’m thinking a drive around Montana to make personal invitations would be helpful, maybe right after the WSC when we have a better feel for which affiliates will reapply. I would like a way to identify likely strong teachers.

2. Native Americans

There sure seemed a lot of interest in Indian schools at our Executive Committee Meeting. We have sites in Ronan and St Labre now.

I think one of the fallouts of the Supreme Court decision on Montana schools will be more money and pressure on schools to do something with Indian stuff, which will translate to an increased demand for materials and support. Since our “thing” is cultural heritage, we ought to be able to help.

It would be nice if we could influence that whole industry toward students projects and original research, which is one of the directions it wants to go.

I’ve asked Christa to interview Julie Cajune, to get her thoughts on why Indian cultural heritage will benefit all students. I would like to find likely educators on reservation schools to invite as affiliates.

I don’t want to get directly involved in creating any materials, of course, but I would like to help others whose interests are compatible with ours work with our model.


Beck McLaughlin answered my query about technology on TeacherLore. As far as I know she’s the only person who reads it. She mentioned a couple teachers who teach online courses at Western. Her title includes “web services.” I’ve invited her to lunch next Tuesday, if I get to Helena to hear the legislators. I’m very interested in finding agency types who want to use the web to teach high schoolers.

Summer Institute

The schedule looks pretty good.

Huge Projects Still Looming

1. Put together LOC CD
2. History of Project for magazine

Posted by Michael L Umphrey on 01/20 at 08:40 PM
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