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Renee Rasmussen’s Work Noted in Montana Magazine

MONTANA MAGAZINE • September/October 2005 •  Helena

by Philip Aaberg

Phil Aaberg describes Renee Rasmussen and her Montana Heritage Project student work among Chester’s special assets in his Montana Magazine article.

Chester-native and enthusisastically-based composer and pianist Philip Aaberg wrote the fall 2005 MONTANA MAGAZINE’S “Home Towns” feature about the community to which he recently returned to live, compose, and contribute. Phil describes many qualities that recommend visiting or living in Chester. “This is mind-expanding, time-slowing country. Come on up, slow down, and enter the landscape. Soak up the stark beauty of the shortgrass prairie,” he says. And among several community residents he recommends for readers’ acquaintance, Montana Heritage Project teacher Renee Rasmussen garners early mention. “

In talking about Renee, “You might,” Aaberg notes, “meet teacher Renee Rasmussen, who guides the Chester affiliate of the Montana Heritage Project. Her students led a series of town meetings, putting the young with the old to discuss, ‘What can we do to save this way of life?’ The project is devoted to small-town renaissance, but making that a reality in northern Montana is no small feat.”

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