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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Montana Country
   by Tiffani Murphy
   Grade 9, Ronan High School

The Back Pourch Gives Me A Perfect View Of The Sunsets

Jungle-Gym Of Hay

Family Is The Most Importana Thing In My Life

My Kingdom of Mystery

The smell of a fresh rain wakes me
as it floats through my window.
I live in a golden valley
where you can see the stars at night.
It is a place where a person can feel free to roam
This land is independent; belonging to no one,
and having no rules.
With the deer eating in the fields
the birds flying through the open sky,
and the water flowing through the trees,
I feel at home,
as if I am part of something majestic and miraculous.

I have been here for fourteen years,
and I’m still learning about myself
and how this land speaks to me.
My neighbors are peaceful,
minding what is theirs
as we mind what is ours.

All the people who respect this land belong here,
adding to the comfort of a place safe from hardships
People, who aren’t from here underestimate
the cold of the winters,
and the scorching sun during the summer
If you come here unprepared,
you’d think this place is a child’s playground,
and try to tame the hills
and still the flowing icy waters
You’d make yourself look like a fool
acting as if your knew everything there is to know
about my country.

But this land flows like vinegar over a fresh cut
through the people who anger it
and everyone around suffers.
After the damage is done
they leave behind their troubles
for us to handle.

But it is our responsibility.
I have learned my place here,
knowing that this land controls when I work the cows,
and how much meat we have for the winter
But this doesn’t scare me,
for I know that I will be taken care of
And I lay down every night in a familiar bed
and listen to the coyote lull me to sleep
and I am not afraid.

Posted by David Hume on 10/12 at 08:52 AM
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