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Discovering and Preserving Story through Family Heirlooms Renee Rasmussen Renee Rasmussen 04/11/06
Your First Blog Assignment After reading previous posts on the Chester classroom website, write your own blog entry about your family heirloom.  Please include your family heirloom if possible.  Make sure the picture has been readied for web publishing.  Your blog entry should be about two to three paragraphs and concentrate not only on… Renee Rasmussen 10/18/05
Your First Blog Assignment Renee Rasmussen 10/18/05
School Growth by Consolidation The opening day of the new consolidated school of Chester, Joplin, and Inverness make the front page of the regional paper today.  School consolidation is still rare enough in Montana for it to be big news.  With the dwindling rural Montana population, it may not stay that way.  Renee Rasmussen 08/25/05
Hogwart’s, Heritage, and the Classroom Teachers are always trolling for literature that resonates with students. J.K. Rowling’s newest book in the Harry Potter series, HP and the Half Blood Princ, may be just that. The series reeks of the importance of place, of the need for acceptance, of family history that controls our present life. … Renee Rasmussen 08/19/05
Staying in Montana The Montana Heritage Project's Long Term Impact Renee Rasmussen 07/23/05
I Didn’t Know they Cared Last year I made a first time trip to California to see my oldest son graduate from college.  He was 24 at the time The day before the event, my my husband and I spent some time at my son’s house.  Imagine my surprise when, I found my old letters… Renee Rasmussen 03/22/05
Uniting a community: Collecting the Stories of Four Schools Renee Rasmussen Renee Rasmussen 03/01/05
Living on the Prairie Raised just eight miles from the Montana-North Dakota border on US Highway 2, I grew up learning to love the land, the sky, and the subtle beauty of the prairie landscape. At the ripe old age of 36, I left my hometown to take a teaching job in Chester, Montana.… Renee Rasmussen 02/08/05
Renee Rasmussen I started my teaching career fifteen years ago as a divorced, single mother of three.  Teaching gave me the chance to learn a living and be with my children at the same time.  I’ve never regretted my choice. Teaching English at Chester Public Schools has given me the chance to… Renee Rasmussen 02/07/05
Movie Making Software Packages Much has been discussed about what software to use with high school students when starting a class on movie making.  Questions addressing how to make a DVD, or edit sound, movies, or photos all need to be understood.  Just this month PC Magazine has offered a pretty decent article for… Renee Rasmussen 01/03/05
Using the Concrete What a family Heirloom can tell us Renee Rasmussen 11/12/04
Grade Requirements After posting to this blog concerning your family heirloom (requirement #1, must be done by Monday, Oct. 25th), take the time to read every other blog and respond to at least two other blogs.  Don’t forget to be polite and to reply to anyone who has commented on your original… Renee Rasmussen 10/23/04
Heritage Education After High School SOMETIMES SCHOOLl DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE Renee Rasmussen 09/20/04
Is Anyone Out There? STARTING THE YEAR Renee Rasmussen 09/18/04
We’re number one I’ve been doing some searching on the web for sites that could help my students link Chester history to the larger world.  I did some basic searches first, and all I got back was links to Chester Heritage Websites!  Renee Rasmussen 09/16/04
A favor please Mike, could you create a category somewhere, maybe on the Chester blog site, where I can wax about Heritage education from my experience?  I’d like to have a place to comment as I feel moved. Renee Rasmussen 09/16/04
More on Web Blog Use I’ve been thinking about how to use blogs.  I’ve polled my sophomores, and most have computers at home.  I’m thinking of having them do the research for This Week in Local History, and then have them find a link on the web that relates to what they’ve written about. Renee Rasmussen 09/16/04
Just a question Mike:  How private will this blog be with students?  Will the world be able to see it?  just those who are members?  what?  I believe it’s just members.  Just want to make sure. Renee Rasmussen 09/11/04
Your first Requirement After you’ve gotten done interviewing a relative about your “Heirloom”, please post your reaction, thoughts, summary of what you’ve learned, under the title HEIRLOOM REPORTS.  It’s just above this category, under class members.  Use your name as assigned :-) Renee Rasmussen 09/11/04
I wondered what this page was for I’ve accidentally been to this page several times, but I didn’t know what it was for.  When you come up here in Sept/Oct, I’m going to have you go over this stuff with the kids so that none of us make any mistakes. I’d like to get to these pages… Renee Rasmussen 09/11/04