A Narrative History of the Montana Heritage Project

Collecting Oral Histories of Tobacco Valley

David James

Eureka High School


Eureka is a small town in the beautiful Tobacco Valley in northwestern Montana, about fifty miles northwest of Whitefish and seven miles from the Canadian border. During the 2001-2002 school year, students in David James American History class recorded fifty oral interviews with relatives and other community members. They worked in pairs to research an assortment of topics in Eurekaís history, such as the coming of electricity to the valley, the history of the old town of Rexford (inundated by the waters of Lake Koocanusa when Libby Dam was constructed), and a history of 4-H in the Tobacco Valley. They read their research papers to the public in special readings at the Eureka Book Company. The transcripts from many of these interviews have been placed on the Projectís web site.

To print a final report for the year-end binder, click here.
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