A Narrative History of the Montana Heritage Project

Corvallis Cemetery Database

Annemarie Kanenwisher
Phil Leonardi

Corvallis High School


Students entered the names and dates of all those buried in the Corvallis Cemetery prior to 1900. This activity allowed students to become familiar with the names of those who impacted Corvallis during its early development. This database also allowed students to create charts and graphs of simple demographic information, such as average life expectancy of both males and females. Family member counts allowed students to show how the size of the average family has changed over time. After collecting data, students selected a tombstone to do a rubbing of, and they each wrote a fictitious obituary for that person. Next students used the local archives to obtain factual information about the person they chose and drew comparisons between what they’d written and what existed in fact. The rubbings and information they gathered about their person were then combined into a collage.

To print a final report for the year-end binder, click here.
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