A Narrative History of the Montana Heritage Project

Exploring Fort Benton: Community Promotional Materials for the Fort Benton Visitors Center

Pam Birkland
Audra Morger-Bonilla
Sean Donnelly
Carley Evans

Fort Benton High School


Students in Fort Benton explored the historical record in a number of ways. They read May G. Flanaganís journals which allowed them to picture Fort Benton in earlier years. Several guest speakers visited the class to explain why their families chose Fort Benton as their home. Students also questioned their own families to find a recipe that had been handed down through the generations. In addition, students conducted interviews with mentors from the community. After gathering information, students used a variety of technologies to document their exploration of the Fort Benton Community. Still, video, and digital cameras were used to record interviews. Audio tapes were created and transcribed for each interview. Using Inspiration software students created a family tree and wrote family histories. Students created bound print collections and Powerpoint presentations of their work, and organized a Heritage Night to share their research with the community. Juniors accessed additional information through electronic media sources and used their research to develop a video, website, and brochure for the Fort Benton Visitorís Center.

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