A Narrative History of the Montana Heritage Project

Heritage Across the Curriculum

Dorothea Susag
Bill Durocher
Molly Pasma
Belinda Klick

Simms High School


At Simms High School, students completed several cross-curricular projects combining the junior history and English classes, as well as special education and gifted and talented programs. The main project was a comprehensive history of the high school from 1918-1941, researched through school records, the census from the County Superintendent of Schools, and local phone books (to track down people still living who might have information).

Twenty-two mentors served as consultants, teachers, advisors, and chaperones on learning expeditions that made it possible for small teams of researchers to pursue topics in great depth. They came to the school and classes throughout the quarter, accompanied students to interviews of the elderly, provided expert advice in specific subject areas, encouraged students to seek further help, and worked with students on individual projects. Research teams completed a history of Simms High School (divided into four historical periods and researched by four teams), a half-hour video history of the high school, and a model replica of the original brick Simms High School for permanent display in the high school library.

Other projects completed include a student literary magazine, audio tapes and transcripts of six interviews with community elders, and a large Heritage Fair with booths depicting the history of Simms High School and Fort Shaw High School. The Heritage Fair in the spring attracted an audience of 200 residents of the Sun River Valley.

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2001 Montana Heritage Project
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