A Narrative History of the Montana Heritage Project

High Schoolers Teach History to Third Graders

Jeff Gruber

Libby High School


Students in the Libby Heritage Class decided to take the excitement of local history to younger students. Teacher Jeff Gruber arranged a chance for them to teach a special class to third graders. Their ideas evolved slowly into a scripted skit of scenes from Libby history, with characters in costumes, and followed by question and answer sessions. “We were given something to strive for,” said student Donna Mari, “and now itís our turn to help. I think it would be very careless on our part if we didnít use our opportunities to share what we have learned. We owe younger kids our time and encouragement. They know that we care enough about them to put our time and energy into this presentation. I hope it will inspire some of them to do the same when they are in high school.”

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