A Narrative History of the Montana Heritage Project

Researching Global, National and State Events by Studying Local History

Annemarie Kanenwisher
Phil Leonardi

Corvallis High School


In Corvallis, twenty-seven freshmen asked a variety of questions and to find answers, researched events of regional, national or global significance through books, old newspapers and periodicals. They interviewed family and community members to examine what impact these events had on local residents. Students interviewed veterans of World War II, Korea, Vietnam and the Gulf War, focusing on the veteransí experiences of leaving for war and then returning home. After the interviews, the students edited video segments into a presentation for an open house on Veteranís Day.

Students also researched each decade in the life of Corvallis from the 1930s to the 1970s through video taped interviews of couples that were married in each decade focusing on the couplesí experiences of being married during a particular decade as well as the changes the couple observed in the world, nation, and their community since the early days of their marriage.

They created a video that combined library research with video clips of the couples which was presented at the Corvallis Heritage Night. 

To print a final report for the year-end binder, click here.
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