A Narrative History of the Montana Heritage Project

Researching the Montana Hi-Line

Renee Rasmussen

Chester High School


Thirty Chester High School students in junior English concentrated on writing ten-page research papers. One pair of students began to wonder about why we have a tradition of preserving wedding dresses and how widespread the tradition is. Another group looked into the hobby of buying, preserving and restoring cars while another group looked into bootlegging. One group looked into the military presence in the area while another researched former hometown sports heroes. Two students, both orphans, asked for permission to take time to find their personal roots, to varying degrees of success. Another student, sparked by historical photographs, looked at historical trends that shaped the rise and fall of the community. One pair of students researched the history of the advent of television in the area and tried to determine the effects of this medium on an isolated rural community.

One of the most valuable resources to these classes was the research done over the last five years by earlier classes. Each student read two research papers written by previous students and located photos to compliment the research. 

To print a final report for the year-end binder, click here.
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2000 Montana Heritage Project
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