A Narrative History of the Montana Heritage Project

What Has Made Our Community What it Is?

Renee Rasmussen

Chester High School


Students in this project began by conducting background research to discover topics that were of particular interest to them. Once students found a topic, they developed a clear research question for further study. In the initial background research period, students were required to find fifteen significant events or quotes to contribute to a local history calender. This helped students to have a goal while collecting broad information. Students researched various topics and wrote research papers. A few topics included: What factors have led to the success or failure of past businesses in Liberty County and how do these factors play out in small town businesses today? Why did small towns in the area shrink or die? What role do teens play in the conflicts between groups in Liberty County?

To print a final report for the year-end binder, click here.
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1998 Montana Heritage Project
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