Local Research

Veterans Data Sheet

Information needed to submit an online article
to the Veterans History Project

To submit an online article to the Veterans History Project, you will need to fill out a form with the fields below. You will want to have collected this information in advance. You may print this form and use it to gather this data.

This is the information requested by the Library of Congress for each veteran interview:

Veteran’s Full Name
Date of Birth (Month, Day, Year)
Branch of Service
Place of Birth
Date of Induction (Month, Day, Year)
Drafted or Volunteered
Place of Induction
Serial Number
Location of U.S. Assignments-training or permanent
Outfit or unit(s)
Any unusual operations involving subject’s unit
Notable contact with enemy (military or civilian)
Personal medals or honors
Noteworthy Occurences
Rank at Discharge
Location of Interview
Description of Subject and Setting
Name of Principal Interviewer

This is the information to accompany the feature article that you wrote based on your interview:

Title of Feature Article
Author(s) of Feature Article
Text of Feature Article
Name of School Attended by Author
Grade Level of Author at Time Article was Written

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2005 Montana Heritage Project

Family History Resources

Few things are as educationally powerful as assisting young people in researching and writing about their family heritage. Family elders are often an ideal audience for young writers, drawing out the best that they have to say. At the same time, in coming to see more clearly how that elder was once young, students develop their own historical consciousness, sensing better what they themselves are becoming.


Assembling the Family History Puzzle” offers an overview to family history research with a simple guide for getting started, published by MSNBC.

Family History Package of activities excerpted from the book, Do People Grow on Family Trees? from The Ellis Island Foundation. Includes

Family History Blogs

GenealogyBlog: Your genealogy coffee break,? sponsored by Heritage Creations, is a newsletter “for the genealogy community to come and share information. It is written by genealogists for genealogists. The Blog covers the latest news in the genealogy field, provides announcements, quick reviews of new products, and provides useful information and tips for genealogists.? The Blog is updated almost daily.

Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter is a free genealogy newsletter, published daily.

Genealogy Resources, an information blog generated by Marcus P. Zillman

Online Courses

Introduction to Genealogy online course by Kimberly Powell gives a four-lesson introduction to doing family history, including oral history, online research, and written correspondence.

Your Great Ancestral Hunt is a simple 6-lesson course for beginners offered by Genealogy Research Associates.

Beginning Internet Genealogy is a 15-lesson course offered by Genealogy.com. It includes these lessons:

Finding Your Family History, an online course offered by PBS on its website Ancestors.


Building A Lasting Legacy” Genealogy and Family History Conference, July 26-29, 2005

The 37th annual BYU Genealogy and Family History Conference will be held July 26–29, 2005, in the BYU Conference Center. Seven information tracks will be available, Beginning Family History, Family History Center Support, Computers, Europe/Nordic Research, British Research, U.S. Research, Methodology and Publishing Family Histories. We invite you to attend the conference to build and strengthen your family ties through genealogy and family history. Keep in mind that limited housing is available.


Cyndi’s List of Genealogical Sites on the Internet

Ancestors: The companion web site to the PBS family history and genealogy television series.

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2005 Montana Heritage Project

Links to Video in the Classroom

Digital video: “How To” videos from Kidz Online.

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2005 Montana Heritage Project
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