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Nancy Widdicombe In The Valley

Nancy E. Widdicombe
Harlowton High School

I have spent most of my life on the wind-swept plains of Central Montana, graduating from the same high school my mother and my five children did (Harlowton High School).  Those five children are the fifth generation to be raised in Wheatland County and we have all benefited from the Big Sky, the freedoms, and the generosities of this area.  Perhaps because of the length my family has resided in the Upper Musselshell Valley and the family stories I grew up with, I find this place to be full of places, people, and ideas to be investigated with the help of my high school classes. 
I am a graduate of MSU-Billings, receiving a B.S. in Secondary Education, with an English major, History minor and Native American Studies endorsement in 1993, after my youngest child graduated from High School.  I was fortunate to be hired in my hometown where my husband Sam and I continue to live.
My hobbies are bird watching, reading, traveling, and my twelve grandchildren. 
I served as the Vice President and President of MATELA (Montana Association of Teachers of English and Language Arts) in 2002 through 2004.  I was selected as Teacher of the Year by the Montana Historical Society in 2003, one of the greatest honors of my life.  That selection is closely related to my five years as a Montana Heritage Project teacher, a relationship which has enriched my life and that of my students. 

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2005 Montana Heritage Project

Renee Rasmussen

I started my teaching career fifteen years ago as a divorced, single mother of three.  Teaching gave me the chance to learn a living and be with my children at the same time.  I’ve never regretted my choice.

Teaching English at Chester Public Schools has given me the chance to grow as a learner and an educator.  Fifteen years later, I find that I have been given personal and professional opportunities that I never dreamed I could have.  From working in cooperatives with other schools, to working with the Montana Heritage Project, my fifteen years have flown by.

Heritage Teaching has seeped to all parts of my life.  Or maybe my interest in history and my family have seeped into my teaching, aided by the Montana Heritage Project.  All of my three children are interested in family history, my husband follows me to many family and school heritage events.

That life has always been in Montana.  A prarie girl from Eastern Montana (and by east, I mean 8 miles from the Montana-North Dakota border), I grew up under Montana’s big sky on a farm where I learned to love the land, sky and even weather.  I’ve been lucky enough my entire life to be able to make a living in Montana. 

Nearly a half century after my birth, I’m still watching the night sky on the prairie.

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2005 Montana Heritage Project

Profile of Dale Alger of the Roundup site of the Montana Heritage Project

Dale Alger (1954-).  A librarian at the Roundup Community Library in Roundup, Montana, Alger is also interested in photography, history and reading.  Alger was raised on a dryland wheat farm north of Stanford, Montana, with his twin sister Diane and older siblings, Jess and Patty.  He graduated from Montana State University, in 1976, with a degree in Elementary Education and a minor in music.  He completed his student teaching in Cumbernauld, Scotland.  In 1978, he completed a fifth-year program in Library Science from Eastern Montana College.  He then started his career as a librarian.  He has been a librarian in Roundup, Montana since 1980.  For sixteen years, he was at the Central Elementary School Library.  Then, he transferred to Roundup High School, in 1996 where he is currently the librarian at the Roundup Community Library.  This library is a combined school and public library housed at Roundup High School.  He received a Master’s of Information and Library Science from the University of Arizona, in 1997.  He completed the degree through a distance program.  Alger has also been a part of the Roundup contingent of the Montana Heritage Project, has coached freshman volleyball, acted in community theatre and is the voice of Roundup Volleyball, doing play-by-play for the Roundup High School volleyball team on the local radio station, Panther Country Radio.  Alger is married to another librarian, Tomi, and they have two children, Allison and Andrew.

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2005 Montana Heritage Project
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