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Google Groups

You can use this form to send an email to Google Groups, which will go to all the teachers who subscribed to the list-serv. You need to be registered as a member of that group to post to it, so be sure to fill in the email address you gave Google.


Basecamp is the Heritage Project’s collaboration website. There, you can send a message to others who are registered on the site, and the messages become a permanent part of the site, so it’s easy to visit the site and get back up to speed. You can also create a writeboard or comment on one someone else started. Writeboards are web-based word processors, that allow groups to collaborate on creating specific documents (such as the by-laws of our non-profit, or the packets to go to teachers who want to join the 1910 Expedition). The site also has “to-do” lists, which make it easy to keep track of who is doing what and by what deadline. You need to be registered with a user name and password to log on.


You can post a message to TeacherLore. This is the Heritage Project’s blog. It’s an easy place to share links to other useful information (along with your editorial comments on them!).  The front end of the site is here (the front end is the part of the site the public can browse) and the back end is here (the back end is the control panel, where you go to post new entries or to edit old ones). You need to be registered to post. Let me know if you’ve forgotten your user name or password.

I’ve put a link to this post on the TeacherLore blog, on the right-hand navigation bar. It’s the link named “Collaboration Links.”

Posted by Michael L Umphrey on 05/01 at 11:08 PM
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