What are your plans this year?

What single thing do you hope to accomplish or make progress on this year?

This might be a tangible goal, like creating a finding aid for all the oral history tapes you’ve collected.

Or it might be a skill thing, like figuring out how to incorporate a blog into your teaching.

Or it might be a pedagogical thing, like figuring out how to engage younger or more troubled students.

Posted by Michael L Umphrey on 09/03 at 01:00 AM
  1. I want to get better at keeping UP!!! getting work done on time, and I’d like to get better at taking writing (we have some great stuff) and transforming it to more accessable formats.  I think that Windows Movie Maker could be that format if I can figure out how to burn it to DVD so that anyone can play it without even having a compuer.

    Posted by  on  09/09  at  09:49 PM
  2. I talked to Michael about the DVD issue. He said you need to get a DVD burner. You can’t do it with your computer. He also said you need software but it will probably come bundled with a burner. He’s made a DVD for us that should play in any DVD player. It’s the Casey Pallister video that you already have or will get in a day or two.

    He said to burn a 30 minute DVD, plan on 4 hours per copy.

    This was why we used a commercial service bureau to make our copy. It cost us about $5 per copy for 30 copies, including printing our art on the disk. The turn-around was 24 hours (plus a day each way for shipping).

    You can’t do this on a daily basis but it seems a very economical publication method for those special and completed projects.

    Posted by Michael L Umphrey  on  09/10  at  11:22 PM






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