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Updated contributors list for 1910 book and online magazine

Here’s an updated list of contributors for the 1910 coffee table book about small Montana towns and the list of contributors for the online magazine.

Montana in 1910 Picture Book (a multi-year project)

  • Dan Kohnstam: Politics (national, state, and local)

  • Renee Rasmussen: Women & Leisure, posing for photos

  • Renee Rasmussen: Exterior shots of meals on porch

  • Nancy Widdicombe: Clothing

  • Beth Beaulieu: Entertainment

  • Mary Sullivan: Houses

  • Darlene Beck: Schools

  • Jeff Gruber: Transportation

  • Nancy Brastrup: Judicial

  • Christa Umphrey: Homesteading on reservation
  • Heritage Education Online – Topic List

  • September 2004: Tom Thackery and Dale Alger (Grandparents)

  • October 2004: Tim Schaff

  • October 2004: Renee Rasmussen (Family Heirlooms)

  • November 2004: Nancy Brastrup

  • December 2004: Beth Beaulieu

  • January 2005: Jeff Gruber (Trees and USFS land)

  • February 2005: Tim Schaff (Weddings/Marriage)

  • March 2005: Darlene Beck (1910)

  • April 2005: Mary Sullivan (Montana in the Sixties)

  • May 2005: Dale Alger (Family Celebrations and Reunions)

  • May 2005: Nancy Widdicombe (Family ranches/branding)
  • Posted by on 09/14 at 12:46 PM
    1. Note: Renee also expressed an interest in the “weddings” topic in February. Since weddings and marriage could almost be its own expedition, and on a topic that adolescents need to think about, it might be fun to collect more interviews with elders on their view of the topic.

      Posted by Michael L Umphrey  on  09/15  at  12:30 AM
    2. We’ve been at the museum this week, so we’re getting started on our 1910 projects.  Will you refresh my memory about our topics...I see I’m down for schools in March.  Do you only want us to submit articles on Schools or do you want us to contribute in other areas as well?

      Posted by Darlene  on  09/15  at  07:45 AM
    3. Darlene: For the online magazine, we’d like however many articles you and your students can provide on what life in small-town Montana was like in 1910. For the 1910 book, it looks like you signed up for schools but you can contribute to any other topic you’d like. And, if you come across a topic that’s researchable that isn’t on the list, we can add it.

      Posted by  on  09/15  at  01:42 PM
    4. We haven’t though through dollars, though.

      I’m leaning toward giving schools assignments, so they can know two essays will be purchased, rather than using our “payment on publication” policy, which means kids are essentially entering a contest.

      I think we can guarantee payment for two article if you’re you have the assignment for that month, and everything else will be on spec (speculation: meaning we’ll pay for it if we decide to publish it in the print magazine).

      I’m worried about creating an expectation that we will pay for everything that we publish online. I hope eventually that everything good written about your town gets posted.

      Posted by Michael L Umphrey  on  09/15  at  07:38 PM
    5. Darlene,

      You’re actually down for “1910” in March, though you suggested that topic and you should feel free to change it if something else would fit better in the way your year is unfolding.

      You’re down for “schools” in the 1910 Picture Book, which doesn’t have any deadlines.

      Posted by Michael L Umphrey  on  09/15  at  10:34 PM
    6. Thank you for clarifying that.  1910 is a great topic for us...and we found out yesterday at the museum...that there were 35 different schools in Broadwater County.  We don’t lack for any subject matter there.  I just wanted to know if we had materials on other 1910 topic if you wanted those as well...and you answered my question.

      Posted by Darlene  on  09/16  at  07:11 AM






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