Black Rage--WWII Montana

Black Rage. Contributors: Price M. Cobbs - author, William H. Grier - author. Publisher: Basic Books. Place of Publication: New York. Publication Year: 1968. Page Number: 33.

An ex-serviceman recalled an incident. During World War II he was stationed in rural Montana.On a weekend he visited a nearby town. When he arrived he was the object of much wonder. No one in town had ever . seen a black man before.

He went into a restaurant. The manager was polite and friendly. He passed the time of day and allowed as how this was the first Negro he had ever laid eyes on. He talked about the town and the generous nature of its people and then told the unfortunate brother that the restaurant had a policy against serving Negroes.

White citizens have grown up with the identity of an American and, with that, the unresolved conflicts of the slaveholder. White Americans are born into a culture which contains the hatred of blacks as an integral part. 

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