Heritage Project featured at Core of Discovery

The Montana Heritage Project is featured on the website for the at NCTE Northwest Regional Conference which will be held in Lewiston, Idahao, March 16-19.

Several heritage projects will do presentations:

10:00 Writing the West: Beverly Chin, Jeanette Ingold, and Project teacher Christa Umphrey, Voices from 1910: Discovering Jeanette Ingold’s The Big Burn and the Fire that Changed the West.

11:15 Coyote in the Classroom: Darlene Beck and Julie Diehl, Piecing Together Our Community’s Past: Engaging English Students in the Fabric of Community and Communication

2:00 Coyote in the Classroom: Mary Sullivan, Hometown Heroes

3:00 Coyote in the Classroom: Dorothea M. Susag, The Beginnings of Oral History—Purpose, Procedure, Etiquette and Skills

4:00 Coyote in the Classroom: D. Beth Beaulieu, Local Heritage/Multi-genre Research Project for the English Classroom


10:00 Coyote in the Classroom: Nancy Widdicombe, Using Student Voices to Build Community

Posted by Michael L Umphrey on 01/31 at 11:21 AM
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