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Does Everyone Need to Blog?

Here’s a sample rubric for student blog discussions.

We’re not asking anyone to use blogs with their kids, though if a couple of you want to try it this year, I would help set it up and see what we learned (Though it might be Christmas before I get any real stretches of time for new iniatives, since I don’t even have this site set up yet). But I do think it’s a tool that might get us closer to our goals--kids who think, drawing on evidence, reasons, etc.

What I would hope for this year is that each of you will have a few students post their best finished essays. This will put those essays into a permanent and easily searchable archives, and it will showcase the best student work from around the state. No small accomplishment, if we can do it. I would also like to have each of you post a few things--I’ll request these at some point. An anecdote such as the one Jeff posted yesterday.  Here’s a link to it. (Note that it’s very easy to direct all the readers of a blog to one of the posts).

I think it would be hard for a teacher to make a classroom blog successful who wasn’t himself or herself a blogger, because I think it would take daily blogging by the teacher--providing links to relevant information, responding to student comments, encouraging individuals, directing students to one another’s comments, and so on.

And, as Nancy pointed out in her
comment #5, if you teach in a situation where kids don’t have ready access to computers, blogs are probably a very bad idea.

Posted by Michael L Umphrey on 09/16 at 10:34 PM






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