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Education and Learning Papers

Prepared by Chris Lucas

Consciousness and Education: A Process Perspective - Steve Mashalidis

Criticality in Learning - Jeff Sale

Democracy and Education - John Dewey Book

Designing Effective Learning Environments: Cognitive Apprenticeship Models - Sue E. Berryman

Dynamic Learning Communities: An Alternative to Designed Instructional Systems - Brent Wilson and Martin Ryder

Education As Real Life - Douglas S. Johnson

Education For & With Values Immanent in the Emergent Levels of Socio-Cybernetic Being - Gary McI. Boyd

From Theory to Practice: Classroom Application of Outcome-Based Education - Janet Battistini

How High School Students Become System Thinkers - Scott Guthrie & Diana Fisher

How Julie’s Brain Learns - Eric Jensen

Knowledge as a Complex Evolutionary System: An Educational Imperative - Derek CabreraBook

Making Ecology Make Sense: The Six Disciplines of All Species Project - Chris Wells

Organization Theory and Ethics - Eric Bredo New

Partners in Life: Syntony at Work - Kathia and Alexander Laszlo

Paths Of Learning: An Introduction to Educational Alternatives - Robin Ann Martin

Patriotism and Cosmopolitanism - Martha Nussbaum

Patterns That Connect:: Rethinking our Approach to Learning & Teaching - Jeffrey W. Bloom

Pluralisms for Education: An Ethics of Care Perspective - Ann Diller

Positioning Sustainability as a Global Goal - Michael O’Callaghan

Radical Perspectivism: Chapter on Education - Alexander Makedon

Rethinking the Benefits of the College-Bound Curriculum: Escaping Academic Captivity - Nel Noddings

Scientific Ideas and Education in the 21st Century - Ash Hartwell

Seeking Common Ground: Piaget and Skinner on the Nature of Learning - Pat Duffy Hutcheon

Situated Cognition and the Culture of Learning - John Seely Brown, Allan Collins and Paul Duguid

Sociocultural Approaches to Learning and Development: A Vygotskian Framework - Vera John-Steiner and Holbrook Mahn

Synergic Inquiry (SI): An Alternative Framework for Transformative Learning - Yongming Tang

Teaching System Dynamics to Teachers and Students in 8-12 Environment - Diana M. Fisher

Tell Me ‘Bout the Good Old Days - Michael UmphreyNew

The Case Against Competition - Alfie Kohn

The Development Of Systems Thinking Skills Using System Dynamics Modeling Tools - G�nther Ossimitz

The Education of the Complete Moral Person - Marvin W. Berkowitz

The Missing Context in Science Education: Science - Jay Lemke

The Need to Belong: Rediscovering Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs - Norman Kunc

The Wandwaver Solution - John N. Warfield

Three Views of the Agentic Self: A Developmental Synthesis - Todd D. Little, Patricia H. Hawley, Christopher C. Henrich & Katherine W. Marsland

Toward a New Continuing Higher Education - Irene Karpiak and Bill Kops

Two Roles for Complex Systems in Education - Jim Kaput, Yaneer Bar-Yam, Michael Jacobson, Eric Jakobsson, Jay Lemke, Uri Wilensky & CollaboratorsNew

What does Research on Political Attitudes & Behaviour tell Us about the Need for Improving Education for Democracy ? - Margaret Stimmann Branson

When the School Doors Close: A Midsummer Night’s Dream - Linda Dobson

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