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Joshua Clixby (abridged version)

I was born in Missoula in October of 1975. My parents are Roger and Bonnie Clixby. I have a younger brother Nathan who lives in Atlanta, Georgia. From what I hear, Georgia is nothing like Montana, or so I hear. As for schooling, I attended grade school at Hellgate Elementary on the west side of Missoula. I then attended Missoula Big Sky High School and graduated from there in 1995. I then matriculated to the University of Montana in Missoula (don’t hold it against me), where I became immediately aware that I might be the only moderately conservative individual there. In any case I graduated in 2000 with a major in History and secondary education. I liked it so much that I returned for a return engagement, a farewell tour if you will, the following school year. In the end I had the following as a list of credits to my name: 183 credits, History and Education major, Government minor, an emphasis in Comprehensive Social Studies and a partidge in a pear tree.

Upon completion of college, I receieved my first teaching experience in Thompson Falls School where I taught Government, United States History and Montana History in my three years there. After those wonderful years in Thompson Falls, and being the latest victim of the Montana education system funding crisis, I found a job in Simms. I have been here for less than a year and I teach Government, Montana History, Geography, and United States History. This is the first year of involvement in the Heritage Project for myself, and I have recieved some great mentoring from Heritage Project Veteran Dottie Susag. She has allowed me to keep some of my hair (I don’t have much left) that I might have lost due to the stress of getting students to get their work in on time.

When not spending time ranting on about the impacts of economics on Montana History or imploring my basketball team to make lefthand lay-ups, I spend time at home with my fiance Chelsey in Fairfield.  Where oddly enough I rant even more about Montana economy, and my girls inability to make freethrows. However, I do attempt to lower my blood pressure by flogging golf balls during the summer (though in most cases unsuccessfully) around a wide array of golf courses in Montana. On other occasions I might try becoming a true fly fisherman, but I spend more time fishing my fly out of trees. When all else fails, I sit at home and read.

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