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Just a question

Mike:  How private will this blog be with students?  Will the world be able to see it?  just those who are members?  what?  I believe it’s just members.  Just want to make sure.

Posted by on 09/11 at 01:42 PM
  1. You can set how public the site is. It can be viewed by members only or by the public. You can also control posting privileges, so anyone can post or only registered members.

    More interesting, you can create custom status groups (such as draft, revised, published) so that you can control who can see a given post by which status you assign it. I haven’t worked with this yet, so I don’t know much about it, except that I accidently checked “closed” as the status of a post and it didn’t appear on the web, though someone with permission to see the web while offline could still see it.

    This one is viewable by the public but can only be posted on by registered members.

    Posted by Michael L Umphrey  on  09/11  at  11:52 PM
  2. Let me be a bit more clear. EE comes with the ability to set a “statusâ€? for entries.  By default, you have the basic “openâ€? and “closedâ€? statuses.  “Openâ€? status entries are displayed on the public page while “Closedâ€? entries are not.  In order to allow a group of users to review entries submitted by other users before publication (i.e. “Openâ€? status), you simply have to set up the correct workflow.

    This site is set to “open” by default. Everything you post can be viewed by everyone.

    But I could set it to “closed” by default, and not give students permission to change this. Then a teacher could look at it and when satisfied set it to “open”.

    Posted by Michael L Umphrey  on  09/12  at  12:09 AM






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