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Keep it real: writing as a way of managing experience

Martha Irvine, writing for the Associated Press, reports that young people found writing to be a useful way of facing their experiences after Hurricane Katrina.

In Baton Rouge, faculty and students at Louisiana State University quickly organized the Katrina Writing Project, offering evacuees of all ages a notebook to write down their thoughts or compose poetry—whatever they wanted. Before long, people were seeking out volunteers to ask for a notebook.

Others did similar work:

“They’ve lost a lot. But one thing they can keep is their minds—and their writings,” says Jim Randels, a teacher who helped found Students at the Center, a literacy and community service program in New Orleans that fosters student writers.

Writing is not just a school subject. It is a source of personal understanding and a powerful tool for living. Our lives are full of troubles--I hesitate to call them problems because that implies they have solutions--that we don’t solve but that with help and luck and character we get through. A strong way of getting through them is to try to find what they have to teach--to seek understanding. Sitting down with a notebook can be an important step toward understanding.

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