How Do I Publish to the Heritage Online Magazine?

1. Go to the “publish” page in the control panel by clicking “publish” in the upper right corner of .

2. In the control panel, click the “publish” tab in the upper left corner.

3. A list of blogs you have permission to publish in will open. Click on “Heritage Online”

4. Enter a title for the article in the “title” field, using headline writing style. Tell the main story of your article in a very brief sentence with a verb: Loggers Built Bridge Across Kootenai River in 1910 or Married Couple Share Secrets of Living Together. Capitalize the important words.

5. Enter the text for your article in the “body” field. You can copy and paste from a word processing program. You can use the formatting bar to insert basic html, or you can create the text in an html editor and then paste it into the body.

6. If you do not have time to finish the post in one session, change the “entry status” box on the right of the publish page to “closed” and then “submit” the page. It will not show up on the web site, but when you come back later, you can open it and continue working on it by clicking the “edit” tab (instead of the “publish” tab). This will give you a list (in reverse chronological order) of all the posts on the site. Find the one you want, and click the “edit” button next to it. Click the “update” button to re-submit it. Be sure you change the “entry status” to “open” if you want it to be published on the web and to “closed” if you want to save it to work on later.

7. Be sure to click the category you want this post entered in.

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