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Renee Rasmussen

I started my teaching career fifteen years ago as a divorced, single mother of three.  Teaching gave me the chance to learn a living and be with my children at the same time.  I’ve never regretted my choice.

Teaching English at Chester Public Schools has given me the chance to grow as a learner and an educator.  Fifteen years later, I find that I have been given personal and professional opportunities that I never dreamed I could have.  From working in cooperatives with other schools, to working with the Montana Heritage Project, my fifteen years have flown by.

Heritage Teaching has seeped to all parts of my life.  Or maybe my interest in history and my family have seeped into my teaching, aided by the Montana Heritage Project.  All of my three children are interested in family history, my husband follows me to many family and school heritage events.

That life has always been in Montana.  A prarie girl from Eastern Montana (and by east, I mean 8 miles from the Montana-North Dakota border), I grew up under Montana’s big sky on a farm where I learned to love the land, sky and even weather.  I’ve been lucky enough my entire life to be able to make a living in Montana. 

Nearly a half century after my birth, I’m still watching the night sky on the prairie.

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