SL-Globe-SDS and treason, 1965

“SDS Borders on Treason,” St. Louis Globe-Democrat, reprinted in Human Events 25, no. 40 (October 2, 1965), p. 13.

Students for a Democratic Society, a radical-leftist movement with more than 100 campus chapters, is mapping out plans to encourage and assist thousands of college students who oppose the Viet Nam war to declare as “conscientious objectors” and thus avoid their military obligations.

If the program is successful, it will of course give immense comfort and encouragement to the Communist enemies of this nation—even while we are spending increasing amounts of American blood and treasure in a heroic effort to see to it that the South Vietnamese people do not have a Communist government imposed upon them by force.

In our estimation, the generators of this movement come quite close to being traitors to the United States.

These exponents of a “democratic society” are apparently undisturbed, even delighted, at the prospect of all of Viet Nam falling under the type of “democratic” regime which flourishes in Hanoi and Peking.

If these people were not blind and unreasoning radicals, they could see at a glance that the greatest enemy of the freedom of the human mind, the freedom of the individual, is today in Communist Asia, and that an American pullback from Asia would mean domination for decades of these people by the type of philosophy which quite literally murders dissent.

It is because this is so obvious, because the national debate on Viet Nam has been exhaustive, because the bloody record of the Viet Cong atrocities is so well known, that such efforts to sabotage the American commitment to the Vietnamese people are so stomach-turning.

These are the youth who have been deferred from military service, who have been the beneficiaries of an unrivaled number of scholarships and grants, who have enjoyed more individual freedom and material prosperity than any other students in history—and now they come cackling about “Twentieth Century United States imperialism!”

Anyone but a complete jackass could reason to the conclusion that no truly imperialist power, with as much to lose as the United States, is going to risk a massive land war in Asia just to set up a few military bases or for control of a puppet government of generals in a backward and remote corner of Asia, good only for growing rice.

No, but the United States will risk a major war in Asia, will send more than 125,000 of its sons into the jungles and rice paddies to honor its word to a few million Asian peasants depending on it, because that is the type of government and country this is—and that honorable commitment shines all the brighter when placed alongside the sniveling sedition of a handful of pompous academic parasites.

We have listened to these puling students making their snide derogations at our country and our society for so long that we are tempted to ask them why they don’t just get out of the United States and go join their Brave New World in Peking, Hanoi, Havana, Moscow and East Berlin.

There are millions of men and women in these lands quite willing to shed a little blood to swap places and enjoy the freedoms this pack of ingrates is abusing daily. 

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