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Using the “Entry Status”

I added an “entry status” field to the publish form.

By default this is set to “open” which means when you submit the form the page will appear on the website. If this is what you want to happen, you can ignore it.

However, if you work on a post and don’t finish it and don’t want to publish it, but also don’t want to lose the work you’ve done, change this status to “closed” and then submit the post.

It won’t appear on the website, but it will be on the “edit” page with all the other posts. You’ll be able to edit it from there. It works like a “save” but it’s only saved on the control panel, not on the website that the public sees.

Be sure to submit the post, though. If you leave the publish page without submitting your work, you’ll lose it all.

Posted by Michael L Umphrey on 09/15 at 09:35 PM






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