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Why do I need to use my real name as a screen name?

Thank you for registering as a member of the Montana Heritage Project website. We are glad that you’ve joined us.

Unfortunately, you will need to go back and change your screen name to your real name. This is one of the rules of this site. You will need to change your screen name to your first name and last name, both capitalized, and with a space between. For example, “Mary Jones” or “Bob Smith.”

To change your screen name, go to the Control Panel. At the top of the screen, click on “MY Account.” In the window that opens, click on the link in the left hand column: “User name and Password”. This will open a screen that will allow you to type in a new Screen Name. The program will prompt you for your password.

There are several reasons for this. First and most important, your work will be seen by people around the state and around the nation. We even get international visitors to the site. We want you to get credit for your writing and thinking. We hope you will take the time to be thoughtful in your posts. They will be archived and preserved on this site. You deserve credit for your work.

Also, this is a site devoted to scholarly discourse. People who have spent time in chat rooms and similar web sites have often picked up bad habits: sloppiness, crude language, or personal attacks on other people. Some of these habits are aggravated by the fact that these sites allow anonymous postings. We believe people should be responsible for what they say.

Thanks for your cooperation, and thanks again for joining us!

Posted by Michael L Umphrey on 10/18 at 09:49 PM






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