Conferences and training opportunities

For the current school year, a trip to an out-of-state conference will be first-come, first-served.

For 2005-06, we’ll first ask the high priority teachers listed below if they want to reserve a trip, then offer the chance to others as funds permit.

Highest Priority: Dale Alger, Librarian of the Year

High Priority Teachers: Tim Schaff, Tom Thackery, Renee Rasmussen, Molly Pasma, Sarah Zook

2004-05: Mary S, Nancy W, Darlene B, Julie D., Beth, Dottie, Christa (NCTE Lewiston)—Nancy Brastrup (NCH Birmingham)
2003-04: Phil Leonardi, Darlene Beck (Neiman Conference at Harvard);
2002-03: Mary Sullivan, Nancy Widdicombe (NCTE, San Francisco); Jeff Gruber (Coaliltion of Essential School, Washington DC)

National Council of Teachers of English

NCTE Annual Convention

2005:  ”On Common Ground,” Nov. 17-20 (Postconvention Workshops: Nov. 21-22), Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

2006:  Nov. 16-19 Nashville, Tennessee

2007:  Nov. 15-18 New York, New York

2008:  Nov. 20-23 San Antonio, Texas

2009:  Nov. 19-22 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

2010:  Nov. 18-21 Orlando, Florida

2011:  Nov. 17-20 Chicago, Illinois:  NCTE’s 100th Anniversary

National Council for the Social Studies

Social Studies: The Heart of the Curriculum
November 17-20, 2005
Kansas City, Missouri
Kansas City Convention Center

November 2006: Washington, DC
November 2007: San Diego, CA
November 2008: Houston, TX
November 2009: Atlanta, GA
November 2010: Denver, CO
November 2011: Washington, DC

National Council for History Education:

Western History Association

Neiman Conference on Narrative Journalism (in Harvard each December)

The Federation of Genealogical Societies and The Utah Genealogical Association are pleased to announce the FGS/UGA Conference to be held 7-10 September 2005 in Salt Lake City, Utah

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