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Request for Proposals: Special Projects Grants

What are Special Projects Grants?

Special Projects grants are available for Demonstration Site teachers who have things they would like to do beyond their Demonstration Site grants. Though these may be used for regular classroom activities, they may also be used to work on projects with individual students or small groups of students. Also, it is permissible for both teachers and students to receive stipends for work done beyond the school day.

This is the source of the money we will use to pay student writers for their contributions to our online and print magazines.

We encourage you to involve students in developing the proposal.

General Guidelines

1. Teachers or community mentors can be compensated for time spent supervising students beyond the school day (But not for time preparing, reading, etc.) Use $17.75/hour. For example, a teacher who provides 3 student articles for Heritage Online and spends about 2 hours per student editing the various drafts could include a stipend of about $125.

2. Students can receive reasonable amounts for work that results in final products useful to the community or the Heritage Project.  Be careful using this, as intrinsic motivation can be dissolved by offering to pay for everything that’s done. Things done solely for money may not be as important as things done for other reasons.

3. From the student’s point of view, the project should be about learning and not just tasks that need to be done. It may be okay to do a digitizing project or an archiving project, but there should be attention paid to the academic learning of the student.

4. A Heritage Project teacher must serve as the grant’s Project Director and provide general oversight, assuring the project retains an academic focus.

Possible projects:

1. Chapters for 1910 book
2. Website comparing the impact of automobiles in 1900-1910 with the impace of the internet today
3. Packages or articles and for online or print magazine
4. A documentary or history video
5. A study of 1960s in-migration, perhaps with mentoring by a history or sociology prof
6. Organization of a local photo database
7. Museum displays or audio tours
8. Assistance for teacher’s summer fellowship, creating teaching resources
9. Developing finding aids or archiving systems for a local oral history collection

How to post an online Special Projects Proposal

Grant Information Page


Teachers are encouraged to submit proposals by June 15 for the following school year. However, grant proposals will be reviewed monthly as long as funds last. Teachers can call the office to learn whether money is still available. If funds are insufficient, we may negotiate with some sites to attempt to fund as many projects as possible within the budget.

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