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How to fill out the Proposal for Demonstration Site Grants

Explanation of the fields

Graphic tutorial version

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1. First and last name of project director: What teacher is the primary contact at the school? Jane Smith

2. Name of school: Riverside High School

3. Mailing address of school: P.O. Box 450, 117 Education Street

4. City, State, and Zip: Riverside, MT 58054

5. Course title, grade level: Honor American History, Grade 11

6. Estimated number of students who will participate:  23

7. Timeline of major activities: Make a list, month by month, of what will happen

September: Read selections from The Good War
Conduct in-class interviews
Select interview subjects

October: Create sets of interview questions for Vietnam Veterans
In class orientation to oral history by Cindy Kittredge, Cascade Historical Society

8. List expenses to be paid by MHP: List the major expenditures that you will pay with your grant

Travel to Great Falls to visit Cascade County Archives:  $240
Honorarium for guest speaker: $150
Refreshments for Heritage Fair: $100
Sony DSC-120 video camera: $750
24 mint-DV video tapes: $148

9. List of expenses to be paid by District: Local matching of $1,000 is required

10. Total amount requested from MHP: This should be the total of all items in field 8: $2,790

11. Summary of activities. This should be a brief paragraph summarizing what you intend to do. It will probably repeat much of the information in field 7, but in a narrative form. This summary will appear on the report that goes to the Foundation.

12. Describe final product or culminating event:
Describe any heritage evening or forum or product, such as a book or video, that will result from this project.

13. List team members, titles, phone numbers: List other teachers, local historical society staff, mentors, or others who will help you with this project.

Jim Johnson, Industrial Arts teacher, 450-1222
Mary Johnson, Lake County Museum director, 450-2222

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